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Default Re: Could the tiny realm of Bavaria really have destroyed the Illuminati?

Originally Posted by MasterDruid View Post
The Illuminati was a group, thousands strong with influential members in government positions throughout several countries in Europe. It’s hard to believe that one tiny kingdom could have brought down the entire order by arresting a couple of Illuminati members. It’s also a great coincidence that the French Revolution took place five years later and overthrew the monarchy which is what the Illuminati set out to do.
This article gives the historical origins of the Illuminati: 3. The Illuminati - Mystic Order of Noble Knowledge
Who cares about the Illuminati?

Not me.

Their purpose is to involve you in trying to solve some mystery they created surrounding themselves which distracts you from the current events.

Don't waste your time.

Concentrate on the present.


Hold them to task.


Focus on that which is real and not some mystery that distracts you away from the current state of affairs.


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