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Default Re: 9/11: Leventhal pitching lines to MIB during Harley guy interview

Originally Posted by Neveos View Post

It shows the following during that interview (in order of increasing shock value):

1.) Walsh being followed by an MIB

2.) MIB mistakenly taking part in the interview.

3.) Leventhal reacting to that.

4.) MIB reaching for ear piece.

5.) Leventhal sharing ear-piece frenquency with MIB.

6.) Leventhal pitching lines to MIB

I believe the entire reason for that interview was to take place during the collapse of building 7, but ultimately did not coincide.

Help me spread this around.

-edit- I don't know why it isn't showing up in the embed, but you can still click on the link there (where it says 'you tube')
For those of us who don't know, kindly inform us who Leventhal and Harley Guy are.

Not that we care, but kindly inform us anyway.

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