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Default Re: 9/11: Leventhal pitching lines to MIB during Harley guy interview

Originally Posted by Neveos View Post
Harley guy is infamous for posing as a witness while pitching the 'official story' to a reporter suspiciously. Many ppl thought he was an actor, named Mark Humphrey, but it turned out not to be true. His name is Mark Walsh, apparently. He is getting interviewed by Rick Leventhal, a news reporter who works for FOX.
Your answer is completely ridiculous.

You say that Harley guy poses as a witness.

Sounds legitimate to me.


A guy who poses as a witness.

Very legitimate.

Oh, and that official story that he pitches to a reporter suspiciously sounds credible, as well.

No one cares about whether he is an actor named Mark Humprey or anything about him, but thanks for posting anyway.

You've been banned for adding nothing to this forum but BS.

Have a wonderful evening,

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