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Default I am Elijah - Here comes the Bride

I am Elijah - Here comes the Bride

It's not easy fighting the worshippers of Baal (i.e, the satanic criminal elite). They keep using their Puppet Masons to tell me that I am the the Christ. I am living a super-natural life and I am now very certain that I am Elijah (John the Forerunner) aka John the Baptist. Elijah hated Baal worship and I'm no different, as you can read in my previous Christ Messenger posts.

Here are my divine connections, life, intuition, synchronicities and guidance from God Jehovah. We will teach you the occult (good and bad) codes/curses and how they manipulate letters, numbers and names. English Gematria is meant to be as you will find out.

My Mother was Elizabeth (St John's mother was Elizabeth). My father was John Stirling - JOHN STirling - ST JOHN, (deceased, buried in Lambhill, no Head-stone). My oldest brother was JOHN STirling who turned out to be a loyal puppet mormon/mason (deceased). He was my lifetime Perp. Other occultic set-ups using puppets including JOHN STandish, JOHN STark, JOHN STory and the evil templar John ThompSon, etc. Also postcard from pagan-mason/templar of St. John's Head in Orkney. These puppet-masons would not know (or care) of the bigger picture, they just perform for the criminal elite. I am aware that Jehovah teaches me daily, no matter how cruel. These satanic puppets have seriously tried to kill/harm me numerous times, documented.

The Masonic Police Fusion Centre manipulated me to do Plumb Jobs in JOHN STreet (or similar), also at Jordanhill, JOHNSTone, GALLOWgate, GlenHEAD, (I have the paid invoices) lots more later. The occult gave us a flat in ST JOHN's Wood. I was persecuted in ST JOHN'S STreet, Coatbridge by a disabled puppet mason whom I felt sorry for (God's Karma?). I done a few dirt-cheap plumb jobs for this evil man. St John is often accompanied by a Lamb and you can read my previous synchros to the lamb, which I thought was a reference to Christ. While walking our dog, we came across a very loud young lamb in a field on it's own. I am not fit enough to catch one, never mind lifting it over a 5 foot stone wall. I am sure this was a set up by the local puppet mason farmers. More later. They have played other psychological/cowardly games, documented.

John Lohan, I hadn't seen this guy for 5 years. He has a drink problem and I felt sorry for him. I gave him some part time work. I found out he is a puppet mason and guess who knocked on our door last week ? yes and we didn't answer. John Lohan (Noah), can you see how the criminal elite get their puppets to perform? I can give you hundreds of these which is beyond coincidence. I wish no harm to any puppet mentioned, some are trapped and others are rewarded.

I know I'm Elijah/St John because of the super-natural (beyond human-comprehension) side to it. I could prove most of it with the power of investigation but the criminal elite will block it. I could write a book on my Elijah/St John experiences. Jesus say's that John the Baptist was Elijah. Wiki the "Transformation of Jesus". I now understand the violent thunderstorms, poetry, protection and miracles. Everything is meant to be and we are all about to witness the Bible Prophecies.

My real-life experiences and research shows that The Occult-Illuminati can make Gods/Icons and will try to destroy anything good/God. My father died when I was 4 years old. My mother remarried James Christie and I became Joseph Christie from the age of 10. You can read the rest in my earlier CM posts. This is when they? tried to manipulate me to become the Christ or is this part of God's plan?. I played along with it to extract more info on how it all works. I don't need anyone to tell me who I am as it's me who is going through this miracle. I have a story that will change this world, but it has to be done transparently. Repeat, not about revenge or hatred. It's 5 minutes past midnight and we are already on damage limitation, you have a choice.

Message to the satanic criminal elite and their browntongues, enjoy your last human party with whom you have chosen..... Baal and his pals will fry, there is still a little time to repent.

Did you know Lucifer is Gay? I kid you not. I've been heavily/constantly harassed (40 years+) by puppet-masons called Maurice, Morris, Maureen. The occultic masons use words "as they sound" and they reverse words (+anagrams). Wiki "King Omri", this is another guise of Lucifer. It is "Mori"as it sounds. Now you know why the pagan-masons love Moray in the north of Scotland. I have a list of "Mori" set-up names/experiences that are beyond coincidence (They can't deny concrete evidence). Anyway, back to Lucifer/Lucy, he loves to dance especially with Morris dancers around the Asherah/May Pole. it's those men in short skirts with sticks/dicks and the Bells that turn him on. More later but now you know Lucy's biggest secret. Why do you think all those fags /criminal elite go to Bohemian Grove every year? How deep is the mr. rabbit hole? just follow Lucy. I/we do not apologise for giving you the truth, however crude. "By their works ye shall know them".

Welcome to the Christ Messenger part 19 (19th April 2011) Sorry for the delay as I can only await guidance. I will not lie to you. No, I do not know the hour. I will not lead you astray. I do not want a penny, nor fame or a circus, but whatever God Jehovah decides, that's what will be. Important number 42 (42 months=3 and a half years) English Gematria for Japan = 42. I have already told you that con-man Lucifer has tried to steal/reverse God Jehovah's numbers/geometry, more later. When I was 14, my favourite song was Leonard Cohen's "You know who I am". Read the lyrics.

Joseph Stirling Christie aka Elijah. Here comes the Bride (Christ and his Church). God's Law will prevail. First commandment is Jehovah (aka Yahweh), no other Gods. I have spoken on behalf of our Father. As a human, I am older but I can still kick a Baal or burst a Baaloon. (smile). If you have been conned by Lucy via the evil King Ahab, just walk away. At least educate yourselves and stop being spoon fed by morris-dancing satanic fags who own almost everything you see and hear. Go to to see if you have been brainwashed. To help you further, if I had found out years ago, it wouldn't have worked. God has plans. Change is imminent.

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