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Default Re: Who is behind mind-control?

Sorry about snapping, but when someone says "it's all in your head," that is a phrase that was spoken to me by my programmers/handlers/abusers in the past or anyone else I informed of what I was experiencing!!

Imagine, 40 years ago talking to someone about these mad doctors/scientists. If you think we're CRAZY now, we were certainly schizophrenic then!!

I'm not saying that anyone should believe what this guy suggests.

I don't know how many MONARCH slaves are out there, but I'm sure they're being watched!!

Do you think they would just release them into society without KEEPING TABS on them? Monitoring them and/or using them for their own purpose/agenda?

What would be the purpose of their experimentation in the first place?

Experiementation involves keeping an animal/human caged, watching their movements, taking notes, etc. These mad scientists/doctors wouldn't have a clue as to how they can affect the behavior of the masses unless they used people like me in their experimentation; testing drugs, technology, etc. and then releasing us (those who aren't killed) into society, watching us for the rest of our LIVES and continuing to try to silence, neutralize and contain our memory through fear and scare tactics.

Getting and keeping us back under their control. Like a homing pigeon. Like a Monarch butterfly who always finds it's way back home. Or, like the "Butterfly Effect." Change one part of your memory and it changes everything. Or, like the reverberation of a butterfly's wings; the effect soon to be felt all around the world.

I can remember being caged and while foaming from the mouth from water, sleep, food deprivation and whatever else they subjectd me to that caused epileptic seizures, the doctors standing around my cage taking notes as if I was an ANIMAL.

You see, that's what I was to them. A laboratory RAT!!! All of us!!!
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