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Default Re: Why Not Just Use Hydrogen as the World's Commercial Fuel?

Originally Posted by Kon Foundas View Post
Is Peak Oil Becoming a Problem?

I kind of hope it is becoming a problem, so we can harness the power of hydrogen (without carbon) instead. An alternative fuel like hydrogen would be so much better for the world. I see it as the future fuel to power most of the world's needs. I'm not talking about solar power here or battery power, that would take-up half the weight of your car! Rule these two out and while you're at it, rule out ethanol or some other food substitute that would just drive the price up of other soft commodities needed for basic food consumption; I think the last thing we need is for food to go even higher in price.

I'm talking about hydrogen (out of the sea), the first element and the most combustible fuel of its kind; a lot more powerful than your standard hydrocarbons like petrol and gasoline. I hear it is around five times more combustible than ordinary petrol.

There are plenty of examples of cars running on hydrogen on the internet; even Bob Lazar the famous Area 51 man built one in his back yard. It can run 700km on a full tank and he uses water from a hose. The Japanese are looking at this technology seriously (and they should because they have to import all of their fuel). They had a concept car on Top Gear that could do 0 to 100 (km/h) in around 4 seconds. In fact, the Japanese should build the complex desalination plants required to separate the two elements and harness hydrogen as a commercial fuel. This profitable enterprise will create plenty of jobs.

All it takes is for there to be a need for this fuel and it being marketed in an established market like the Mercantile Exchange (or if they don't want it, in another exchange). In other words, float it, market it and you will have buyers.

The real benefit of hydrogen as a primary fuel is you would be able to run vehicles night and day, factories and offices would be able to run continuously thus employing more people, governments can still receive taxes and the world's economies would be moving in the way they should - forward. You would not need to punish companies and individuals with counter productive carbon taxes. Governments would receive their revenue from the proactive use of hydrogen to power the economy forward. You only need to tax the end of the process, the finished products or work done and not tax the @#%@%# out of the fuel itself (which stifles growth; just look at what high energy prices are doing). And for any conspiracy theorist out there that thinks that in some way we are indirectly financing terrorism through paying an unfriendly country high prices at the petrol pump. Well there are benefits here too.

As for running out of hydrogen. A non issue really.

The byproduct of hydrogen is water, so you would never need to worry about damaging the environment, and I for one am sick of this issue with hydrocarbons being made into a political issue! Instead of governments wasting their (and our time) debating the greenhouse effect or global warming, we could all look at the next stage of human endeavor and achievement and marvel at it and the (only) commercial fuel of the future.

So why don't we use hydrogen as a primary commercial fuel? The reasons may be the reasons behind a lot of the major problems in the world today.
Yeah, they have every excuse you can think of for not using hydrogen. They say it will take 30- 50 years to convert? To that I say how come? Maybe a couple years but 50?

Let's face it. Now that they can get $5.35 a gallon they are at the point of the highest profits EVER! It's important to realize that they were super rich gas was .35 cents!

Hydrogen is a great Idea except that big oil will lose their money maker!
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