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Default Re: Global Whistleblower, Handle With Care

Originally Posted by John Erb View Post
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you all for having such a great site here, hosts and members, waking the people of the world from their slumber.

I think I could feel at home here, considering I myself have become a living conspiracy.

In 2003 my wife and I stumbled on some poisons in the food supply, chiefly MSG, Fluoride and Aspartame. We`also found a great deal of research on a substance that is a miracle healer: Melatonin.

The book we wrote to reveal it to the world got us a lot of the wrong attention.

In 2005 George Noory at Coast to Coast dared to reveal this to the public.

Members of your forum revealed it back in 2005 as well.

Soon we were blacked out from the main stream media.

Then our horse was murdered outside our home, after I threatened to ride it to the capital.

In 2006 our research got to the Senate of Canada, Health Canada, and the Office of the Director of Food Safety for the World Health Organization of the UN.

While I was delivering the report to the capital, our entire farm was burned down.

I have been arrested many times on trumped up charges, institutionalized and jailed in an effort to break me.

But I am still going.

The petition I penned to remove MSG from the food supply went before the FDA in 2007, at the invitation of the Commissioner himself.

The new Director of Food Safety for the WHO is revisiting the 2006 report.

Now I have finally found a forum of like minds, interested in freeing people from the sham that is the current system.

It is my hope that in a short while these toxins will be removed from the worlds food supply.

I am a little tired of the one man struggle my family and I have made for the last 8 years,

It would be nice to have a shoulder or two to lean on.

Yours in health and knowledge

John Erb
The Slow Poisoning of America
The Slow Poisoning of Mankind
I admire your work! I use the internet to expose every friend I ever had that I can still contact, via facebook, Myspace twitter etc. The poisoning of the masses by MSG, Flouride in the water and aspartame in almost everything is very disturbing in deed. But for what it's worth keep teaching. It's been my experience that ALMOST every one I talk to about the issue does agree after a small amount of research. They also are taking steps to limit their intake in them and there children. Keep up the good work! Expose the truth and people will listen. There's Power in knowledge!!!! Awesome post!!

I would also like to add that if you are reading this and your not aware of these poisons there is mass data out there as to there dangers, so for your healths sake please get educated on these!!!
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