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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by superted View Post
"Add that to the fact that there are other "independent" studies on smoking that show it isn't bad."

Could you provide a link please? As I just stated to ihimself, 85% of lung cancer suffers smoke.....and you think that somehow tobacco is ok for you? Get real!
I would have to get behind the concept of chemical pollution in cigarettes. It's a widely known fact that they put a bunch of crap in cigs to make them more addictive.

For this reason there is absolutely no proof on earth that tobacco alone causes cancer? In other words there is no proof that the chemicals added are not the cancer causing agents?

In order to prove that you would have to research thousands of people who grew organic tobacco and used it solely through out their lives. Show me where this has been done to continue any kind of debate?

What has been proven is two very important facts that are relevant to this issue. #1: Most chemicals used today are by and large created from fossil fuels. Everything from that flouride that's so damn good for you to the round up product that when sprayed kills all vegetation for like a year.Just so there's no argument here I do acknowledge that other substances are also used in chemicals but the fact that we are exposed to so much of this crap is hardly debatable. #2: It's a proven fact that being exposed to said fossil based products over extended periods causes cancer. In fact there is normally a warning to this effect posted on most gas pumps that almost everyone should have noticed at some point or another?

Having said that who has proven that tobacco causes cancer? It seems reasonably clear to me that no one has?

I don't want to get off topic here but just wanna throw in this little tidbit. It seems like the FDA and other Gov. areas as well condone the poisoning of the masses with all this chemical crap. MSG, aspartame, flouride and the list goes on and on.

Would people be motivated to use tobacco in the excesses that they do without all this chemical crap in it? Is it possible that if the government quit molesting the industry it would by nature solve this health crisis with out further intervention?

I admit that while I can not prove my theory is true I find it doubtful then any objective person can prove that it is not?
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