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Originally Posted by Chaser Tiponi View Post
Almost every thread on this forum either get's no response at all or turns into a debate about why any one who posts anything on here should be banned. That seems to be mostly it. Ban, ban ban ban. So nothing personal against the moderator but it makes for boring reading and is really pretty uninformative. Good debate means all opinions should be considered. Why ban someone because you dis agree? Why ban a user because his link doesn't work right? I may be wrong as I too am a new user, but after about 3 threads threatening to ban ban ban I personally get bored and go to forums that the moderators only ban for abuse.
Sorry, dude, but I don't ban anyone because I disagree with them and if you don't like the way I moderate this forum, I suggest leave and go to those other forums where the moderators only ban for abuse.

Thanking you in advance for your early departure.

Your Moderator,

P.S. Just so you know, I and no one else is looking for your approval as to how WE moderate this forum.

If the owner of this forum was displeased with my MODERATION, I am certain that I wouldn't be the MODERATOR of this forum.
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