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Default Re: False Memory Syndrome

Well, this is a very "touchy" subject. False memories, real memories, implanted memories???

That is the question!!! Of course, for mind control victims, I would assume it could be all three.

I would like to ask some of the doctors on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation why my brain would house memories of being the victim of a "government cult" who was used as a drug mule, a political prositute for blackmail, in Mafia/CIA pornography, subjected to torture, interrogation, deliberately traumatized to create multiple personalities, raped, etc. and my husband's doesn't.

The answer is simple and doesn't require Pamela Freud to answer!!. Because my husband remembers his childhood like thousands of other people do and mine has always been one big blur until about four years ago when they went through with their plan of flying jumbo jets through skyscrapers and I "awoke" to the reality of my past. The "operative" word is skyscraper because at the time, they didn't know which building(s) were going to be the target(s).

Now, ask the parent's of the children at Presidio day care who were abused by Michael Aquino and his cohorts if their children reported their abuse to them before or after they were counseled.

If it was before, how then did these memories make their way into all of these children's brain. Was it a group conspiracy by
pre-schoolers or a government conspiracy?

Satanic ritual abuse is real, but just as the government has convinced the world it doesn't exist; although there are thousands upon thousands of claims that it does, the masses have been brainwashed to believe that those who say it happened to them are what? remembering it because it just happened to land in their brain for some unbeknownst reason; saying it because they want attention; saying it because they have a wild imagination; saying it because they were coerced; saying it because they're crazy.

NO!! They're saying it because it happened!!

They "skin children alive." Right down to their SKULL AND BONES!!!

They love the smell of death and throwing bodies into incinerators.

Our government has convinced society, as well, that anyone who believes the CIA is out to get them is a "paranoid schizophrenic."

Their "mind games" if not played on you, can make another appear that way.

I wouldn't trust the CIA with my life or my intelligence. I trust the PEOPLE first!!

In fact, not too long ago, at my favorite coffe house, Starbucks, where mind games were being played, one of the employees handed me a certificate for a free cup of whatever and it said, "to one of our best customers."

Inside, she had drawn a picture for me. Spelling my real name the way they use to say it.

There was a farmer strumming a banjo, an animal and inside the "bubble" it read, "The FARM misses you."

In Peace,
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