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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Chaser said:

"For this reason there is absolutely no proof on earth that tobacco alone causes cancer? In other words there is no proof that the chemicals added are not the cancer causing agents?"

Your comment doesn't make any sense.
Hmmmm. It makes perfect sense to me but let me re word it.

The point I'm trying to make is "yes" it has been proven that tobacco PRODUCTS cause cancer. Let me be clear. I mean products that have all kinds of additives and chemicals added.

Is it these chemicals they add that cause the cancer or the tobacco itself???

It's been proven that smoking a pack of camels each day can and just might give you cancer. It has not however been proven that the cancer you might catch is caused by the tobacco in these cigarettes.

My point is chemicals like these are what give people cancer from smoking. Benzene
(petrol additive), Formaldehyde
(embalming fluid), Ammonia
(toilet cleaner), Acetone
(nail polish remover), Nicotine
(insecticide/addictive drug), Arsenic (rat poison). And almost 4000 other chemicals. Here is a link to a site that shows some of the chemicals added to cigarettes by tobacco companies. :The List of Additives in Cigarettes - Additives in Cigarettes

These chemicals are (in my opinion) what causes cancer and other sickness. Not tobacco itself. I hope that is clear enough for you to understand now?
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