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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

@BA, Yeah the pharmaceutical industry is another great example. I would suggest that most of the crap they are overcharging us for could be remedied with less invasive and less expensive treatments, vitamins etc. My personal experience is that none of the pharmaceuticals I have used ever worked for me except pain killers. I mean they didn't serve the purpose they were intended to. I never needed pain killers for long periods but we all have heard how addictive they can be. The pharmaceutical thing is a gimmick just like all the other corporate gimmicks as far as Im concerned.

But any one of us could write a 500 page book on corporate greed and consumer abuse, but the elites who run those outfits seem to have an excuse around everything. And things they can't explain away they refuse to comment on or pay off higher ups to let them off the hook.

You have to question everything any more.
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