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Default Re: Who is behind mind-control?

Well, Amhad, the sad part about all of us who were used by the government as guneia pigs in their mind control programs is that we don't have any witnesses!! and, thus, the reason the public is apprehensive about believing our stories together with the fact that so much information has been suppressed for SO LONG!! and the brainwashing that society has endured as well is a barrier that will take some time to break down and make believers out of them.

Perhaps, our family members are aware, but if they belong to the "CULT" or are mind controlled as well and have had the FEAR instilled in them as we did, I don't suspect they would come forward.

I always thought in my case since "awakening" that I was alive because there were witnesses.

I remember these words. There are PEOPLE WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES TO UNCOVER OUR CORRUPT and EVIL government. To get me out!!!

However, I no longer believe there are any witnesses to my abuse. At least not a witness who would come forward.

In the case of my biological family, I'm sure my sisters have knowledge, but they have severed their relationship with me as well as anyone from my past whom I have inquired about my recovered memories.

My Aunt refuses to talk about the past and even her children understand there is a reason for that, but they don't know the reason. I was told that she went from being one of the richest families on the block in her neighborhood to the poorest when I was a child. Perhaps, she defected. I don't know. They have ways of infecting your life.

When you ask if there is someone/witness within are you speaking about another alter, someone on the inside?

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