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Default Re: What Happened to the Shuttle and ISS Hoax Thread?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I have concluded that you cannot answer the questions I posed to you thus the reason you suggest they are trivial and unintelligent and any discussion with me is a waste of time.

Way to dodge a bullet, Gale.

Yes, you are right.

Once I get started there is no stopping me; hence the reason I am who I am.

Like I said, if you are willing to answer the questions I posed to you in your ISS and Space Shuttle are a Hoax thread, I will gladly remove it from the garbage bin.

Otherwise, it will remain there.

Your Moderator, whether you like it or not,
I'm not certain of the question you were asking. I couldn't follow your logic.

You were asking how the Space Shuttle could take off from Cape Canaveral if it was a fake?

But it's like asking how it is possible to wear a Rolex watch if it's a fake? You must be using a narrow definition of "fake", where fake means the object in question is invisible and completely non-existent materially. This definition is far too narrow though.

When I said the Shuttle was a fake I specified the reason to you clearly why I considered it a fake; that it was an empty shell with no passengers and that it probably didn't go into orbit at all.

Happy now or do I have to spell it out again?

Honestly BlueAngel, you're just so-oooo slow..........!