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Default Re: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anythiing

Originally Posted by Kon Foundas View Post
Well, almost anything is possible. Most people, deep-down, realize this or are aware of this, even at a subconscious level. I guess the more its out there the greater the chance of believing it. Propaganda relies heavily on the frequency of spin as well as believing what others in the group believe. Disagreeing with the accepted norm of a group will risk some type of (eg. social) exclusion.

Americans are, I (truly) believe, an intelligent lot but are susceptible to certain types of (inescapable) agendas that have populated all forms of every-day life, especially in the form of the media. The media (which has become a predominately corporate tool) is such a dominant force in the US that it has skewered the collective belief system.

But people like to fit-in and although they truly believe that almost anything can happen, staying in line is the order of the day. Being a 'free-thinking', intelligent individual has an ugly sister and her name is Conformity.

I agree the media is our downfall. Add to that the fact that the typical American just walks through life in some form of La La land and expects the guy's at the top to solve their problems. It's easier to just take a liar at his word then to do the research to make sure that what you are told is what is good for you.

Between the media, laziness, and wanting to waste our lives away dancing and playing with our toys we have created a society that needs some one holding their hand at all times. This leaves the door wide open to exploitation.
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