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Default re: Is The Royal Wedding Over Yet?

Kate Middleton's 'commoner' status stirs up Britons' old class divide


Royal watchers and the British media are not mincing words about the humble lineage of "Commoner Kate." "From pit to palace," declared London's Daily Mail, noting her great-great-grandfather's days as a coal miner. "I'm not against the middle class as such, but I do query whether she has the background and breeding to be queen one day," wrote James Whitaker, a guru of royal gossip. The Guardian, the Times of London, the Telegraph and the venerable BBC, among others, have all seen fit to dub her a "commoner."


Oh, yes.

I'm so worried about whether or not Kate Middleton, the commoner, has the background and breeding to be queen one day.

Obviously, she doesn't have the breeding and/or background, because she is a commoner.

Gosh, therefore, I am worried, because without the background and breeding, the future Queen of England will have no influence upon the world.

Yeah, right.

Queen Elizabeth.

What an influence.

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