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Default Re: Zero Tolerance Rocks

Why it does not make sense is likely because of this. A District court judge in pierce county Washington released a wife beater. A WIFE BEATER!!!!! LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR, A WIFE BEATER!!!!!!!!

The guy upon his imediate release went home and and carved her up with a knife. The kind of carving that ends in cremation or burial. The State got sued (and rightfully so).

But you see this pissed them off. Now a 5th degree misdameanor
that is nothing more then a verbal dispute becomes just shy of a felony in this State.

As far as the question of less damage thing in Washington they take the Man. The man goes DOWN. If it's a couple gay guy's I don't know how they decide. The bigger guy? Not sure as I'm not gay.

But I DO know that something is wrong when an argument turns you into a borderline felon that screws up your life for 7 years. All because some douche ass judge released a man who had beaten his wife silly and threatened to kill her.

Make NO MISTAKE! I DO NOT condone in any way shape or form any man beating on any woman or children. But let's get real here.
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