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Default Re: The Truth about 911, GUTTING the disinformation

More and more excellent research. I still swear by my nuclear barrel experiences. The towers officially collapsed due to stress in the steel from the fires. Every year I burn up all the yard debris from the winter using a 55 gallon steel drum. Cut a 4 inch hole in the side about four inches up. Get an old oil burner gun, remove the oil nozzle thingy and you have yourself a nice blower unit. Gets the wood inside really really hot. It keeps the smoke down too. When the coals start then you can put old motor oil in, small amounts at a time. Burns up tons of branches leaves whatever. Surprisingly though the barrel survives many years of this treatment. It is not rated to ATSM 592334-A61 specifications for really high skyscraper type buildings but yet it survived a like really hot fire. Not the oxygen starved black smoke we all saw coming out of the towers that day. When are we going to do something about this though, when!
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