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Default re: Is The Royal Wedding Over Yet?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Trust me.

Kate Middleton has some connection to the British hierarchy in some form or fashion and who cares about the Queen of England, the Prince and Princess of Cambridge, Kate and William?

Not me.

I live in America where I care about what Obama is doing to help the people of HIS country and, obviously, he isn't doing anything and, I'm certain that most other people of this world don't care one bit about Kate and William; Queen Elizabeth or any other ENGLISH thing Royal or otherwise.

The media and all the talking heads employed by them want you to think otherwise.

That's why they employ them so they can talk their heads off about BS!

Oh, oh.

Prince William is getting married.

Oh, my.

I'm so excited.
It's funny you mention Obama and his doing nothing at this time. I couldn't agree more. The guy is a douche and a manipulated puppet in my opinion. But as for the timing, this stupid stuff about Obama not being an American is just plain retarded. It's Republican propaganda designed to install doubt in voters and mess up his reelection. So congratulations Obama. After 3 years I FINALLY have your back on an issue lol....

As far as I'm concerned Prince William can walk the plank for all I care. Hopefully I will never read another word about his marriage.
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