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Default re: Is The Royal Wedding Over Yet?

Originally Posted by Chaser Tiponi View Post
It's funny you mention Obama and his doing nothing at this time. I couldn't agree more. The guy is a douche and a manipulated puppet in my opinion. But as for the timing, this stupid stuff about Obama not being an American is just plain retarded. It's Republican propaganda designed to install doubt in voters and mess up his reelection. So congratulations Obama. After 3 years I FINALLY have your back on an issue lol....

As far as I'm concerned Prince William can walk the plank for all I care. Hopefully I will never read another word about his marriage.
THE DONALD must be an idiot and OBAMA, too, along with everyone else who reports on this issue; the BIRTHERS and Chris Matthews, and all the other talking heads who have addressed this matter, but fail to state the obvious which I have stated over and over and over again.

Obama's mother was a US citizen, therefore, even if OBAMA was born outside of the US, he would still be a US citizen, because his mother was a US citizen at the time of this birth.


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