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Default Re: Who is behind mind-control?

Peace again BA,

First i want to say that i believe the corrupt governments are capable of such heinious crimes (experiments), however we cannot let our proofless impulses distract us from fairness and the truth.

You seem unsure of your memories,

Perhaps, our family members are aware,

Perhaps, she defected. I don't know.

I am not saying that you are deliberately lying, i am just trying to help you find the truth, for there is a possibility that your 'Jinn-companion' is trying to ruin your life and control you.

You cannot follow conjecture BA, if this incident happened, there MUST be direct or indirect witnesses, at least to confirm the period you went missing, you cannot just assume that EVERYBODY is an accomplice! for there must have been at least one fairly good person around!

I think your Jinn-companion is trying to block the way between you and the truth, for already he/she has severed your relation with your family, why? i believe there are forces that don't want you to Find out the truth.

But if you are smart enough, and i think you are, you can find out who is lying to you, the subconcious voice that whispers these allegations without ever presenting a solid proof, or your family members' who could very well be innocent and unjustly wronged.

I have some articles about the Jinn-invisible-beings on my website perhaps you can take a look, however these beings are highly-suggestable, they tend to 'fill in the gaps', it's something like when little kids LIE out of fear, for Satan controls his followers through fear.

Be fair and honest with yourself, and try to find a solid evidence, if you couldn't find one, then you must confront this subconscious voice that is ruining your life, for there is still a possibility that these memories are not yours, but of your Jinn-companion.

And most of all don't let your PAST affect your FUTURE, ask God alone for help and He will reveal to you the Truth.

God\'s alternative, USN

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