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Default Iraq/Usa consiarcy

iwhat is the one way the government can take away citizen freedom? If anything has to do with national secruity than they can lower our freedom for our "safety".
i beleive 9/11 and most of the iraq war is all one conspiarcy. the government highers the taliban to take over the plans then they crash into the target. what does this do well 2 things it causes mass hysteria and a reason for the government to limit or freedom and give them more power.
then i cant remember his name right now gets hanged and a video *slips* into the public viewing what does this do makes the people think our government is good and stuff like that getting the people on our side. now what is coming soon? tax increase do to gov, being carless with the money and about to run out so what does our government do. look who we found and killed osama bin laden. brings the people to there side even more so when the bring in the taxes they wont complain as much.

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