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Default re: Breaking News! bin Laden is Dead!

Thank goodness.

Obviously, the entire world is now safe from Al-Qaeda and any future terrorist attacks.

P.S. Thanks, Obama, for interrupting our evening and the regularly scheduled television programming for this very unimportant news.

I laughed when YOU asked, and, did WE fake the moon landing, too during your other very unusual address to the nation about your birth certificate several days ago?

You would have been eight years old at the time, Obama.

So, if the moon landing was a fake, "YOU" would not be included in the "WE" and I wonder why you would have said such a thing.

Trying to put one matter to rest, but stirring the pot with another?

You could have simply said during your news conference that you were born in Hawaii, but even if you were born outside of the US, you are still an American citizen because your mother was an American citizen.

Did you say that?

No, you did not.

You could have simply put the matter to rest with those words, but you chose not to do so.

Instead, you supplied yet another certificate that leaves questions and doubts for all those birthers out there whom you apparently want to use to continue to distract the people of this nation from the issues that you will not address and/or find resolutions for which impact the lives of the people whom you represent in the US and not ABROAD.


Thanks, but no thanks!

P.S Obviously, your grandmother and sister must not be in their "right minds" to insist that you were born in Kenya.

If someone can prove that Obama's mother was not a US citizen when she gave birth to Obama, then I'll listen.

If you cannot, then I suggest you discontinue this BS![/quote]

has anyone seen the body? do you really believe their lies?
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