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Default Re: The Movie

Let's see, make worthless paper or read up with you fine folks... I can't stay away.

I'm in. I write lyrics and i sing. I love to write period.

I've decided what my gift to this forum is going to be.

I wrote a book that I've been sitting on for a year that is good. I'm not gonna sell it! I'm gonna give it. God inspired me with a story that has greatly helped me in my life and I'm going to put it on the net... free just like it was given to me. Thanx for that inspiration freeman.

Sable, pick any song and do what you do. I'd love to hear any rendition of those words. Put them on the net and let others hear our music too!

The Rose is not a long read and I am told is quite entertaining. A rose who wants to break free from her roots and see others gardens, she has only dreamt of... the characters she meets...the lessons she learns. It has a nice flavour.

Tis', not just the season but, always a time for giving.

Count me in and I'll do whatever I can to help.

Mary XXX
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