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Default Re: We Must Have Laws Stopping Parents From Perverting The Kids Minds

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
I think the reason wierdos and sexual abominations are turning out is because they lack Jesus and there parents are sick.
Can;t we make a law to save these poor kids from their sick parents and make sure they come to know and follow Jesus?
Only Jesus and the law can save these kids. Or do we want wierdos dressing up like animals to have sex, or women's clothing or diapers or worse yet, having abonimable sexual relations with the same gender!
We need the government to make sure the kids are safe and go to Church and get to know the Lord Jesus Christ!! Only Jesus can save them!!
Uh, NO. You can't make laws in America that force any one into any form of religeon.PERIOD!

I would never say the issues you mention are not important or should be ignored. But the concept that Jesus can fix it is only your belief. Weather true or not remains unproven. Besides this religeon only benefits the believer and does nothing for those who think it's crap. No, put another solution on the table. We are NOT gonna pass laws that force people to expose their children to Jesus.

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