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Default Re: Breaking News! bin Laden is Dead!

Originally Posted by Gaia View Post
Hi have to remember the government is corrupt...and that all they do is lie. they needed to prove to the people that they have saved them from this threat of terrorism (how convenient) it's also not so much what those at the top's more the gullibility of the people..they rely on this 'follow like sheep' mentality of the masses..didnt see Jon Stewart's show (i'm in aus) but tried to look at his videos on youtube...but they are all blocked..this even adds more suspicion. and that bit about using his wife as a human's just too much for me...not only do they portray him as a terrorist but he's a c.... as well. George Carlin would always question...
No one here has forgotten that the government is corrupt, but thanks for reminding us, anyway.
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