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Ahmad wrote:
peace BA,

I think Satan succeeds when we lose our trust in humanity, when strangers are devils disguised.

Why not put our trust in God, as long as there is no evidence against the 'other' why suspicion and unjustified accusations?

Posting anonymously is a clear manifestation of Satan's reign, i think it is fear which makes most of us post anonymously.

Imagine a village where everybody is afraid, where all of them wear masks and watch their backs carefully, would such people ever have the guts to question the authority? would they even dare to raise their heads! and most of all, are they happy?

[3:175] It is the devil's system to instill fear into his subjects. Do not fear them and fear Me instead, if you are believers.

Why does it matter to you if people choose to post anonymously? As far as it being the work of Satan, Ahmad, come on, that is really stretching it a bit.

Who said strangers are devil's disguised? That is what you must believe.

You believe and trust in whom you choose to believe and trust. God, whomever, and I'll believe and trust in the person of my chosing.

Evidence of what against the OTHER? Suspicion and accusations against whom?

It was a joke, if you're referring to the spies and agents comment.

Again, not everyone can be trusted. To think otherwise is ridiculous.

I don't live in a village where people wear masks and watch their backs. I live in a neighborhood.

This is the worldwide web, Ahmad!! Cyberspace!! It is exactly what you described. People wearing masks and watching their backs, but confronting authority.

I think you ought to stop acknowledging Satan and the Devil!!

In Peace,

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