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Now after 3-4 days of bombing Libya it is clear what's really going on half of the world is calling for ceasefire however usa president barak obama is determined to not do so. How ironic is that Obama said that for the first time America is not leading but that's UN and just today i read that Norway canceled their part in this war as they said " It is not known who is commanding all we know that orders are comming from Washington via France and UK". Furthermore, German magazine Shpigel had published pictures of US soldgers with killed civilians in Afghanistan Photo Gallery: The 'Kill Team' in Afghanistan - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
Do you still think that those soldgers are there in Libya to bring the PEACE?
I am certanily not convinced in that. This is making me sick and YET we have not seen a single picture or video of Gaddafy's army killing civilians and we saw that in few ocations from US soldgers. Shame on you UN shame on you western countries I am ashamed being european any more... its sick.
You used the wording do you still think they are in Libya to bring the peace?

I would suggest many Americans take the view that yes this is the case. I'm not personally aware of how those in other nations might see things.

But as for me I "NEVER" thought they were there for peace and I never will. It's kinda hard to think that when on the first week of reading CNN reports we find out that NATO has seized control of some damn big oil port and soldiers controlling it. When I read that in the first week of the conflict that pretty much spells it out for me.

I feel the same way about the "WAR ON TERROR" as they call it. My feeling is that people are getting burnt out on the whole war on terror thing. The PTB no that the average American is not gonna want to endorse going into Libya based on this "terror threat" concept. So now in order to try and gain support for the newest fiasco it's gonna be the humanitarian excuse.

It's really difficult to observe the whole situation even from a distance and not draw the conclusion that they are there to insure that USA/NATO keeps it's ability to continue importing that good oil.

I see all this Bin Laden Al Quiada terrorist crap as being just a smoke screen to cover up the real agenda. Corporate growth. The only way to insure that is to get diplomatic control over every single little third world country that is rich in oil. If it were Humanitarian or terrorism for real the troops would be in Sudan and Darfur. That is where the real terrorism is on this rock.

After they get libya under diplomatic rule they will move on to the next oil nation and find an excuse to start another conflict. This will continue until they have them all. Sadi Arabia included. And that is the way I see it going. Like locust only it's the oil they want.

And they don't seem to care if it ruins what used to be some of the best economies on earth. It's like we are rich the rest of you can starve. Huge corporations have reached a point in economic power to where it's gonna take a major revolution to get the ball back in our court.

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