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Default Believing it or living it?

"Teachings and practices of the fraternal order of Free and Accepted Masons, the largest worldwide secret society. Originating with the guilds of medieval stonemasons, the organization became an honorary society in the 17th and 18th century, adopting the rites and trappings of ancient religious orders and chivalric brotherhoods. The first association of lodges, the Grand Lodge, was founded in England in 1717, and Freemasonry soon spread to other countries in the British Empire. Freemasons took an active role in the American Revolution and later in U.S. politics, and in the 19th century popular fears of their influence led to the Anti-Masonic movement. """Membership is extended only to adult males willing to express belief in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul.""" In Latin countries, the lodges have often attracted freethinkers and anticlerical types; in Anglo-Saxon nations, membership has mostly been drawn from white Protestants. Freemasonry has also given rise to social organizations such as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Noble Mystic Shrine, or Shriners."

freemasonry: Definition from

The interesting thing about this article is I know a couple Modern Mason followers who have plaques hanging in their office's that depict Masonry. Also their political views walk the lines of Masonry.

But when it comes to anything to do with God they completely deny the existence of a Greater power in any way.

Maybe it's just an example of the perversion of modern day organizations everywhere? Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Islamists they all believe believe believe. But it's not at all difficult to find large numbers of people in any of these followings who believe but ignore the teachings in daily life. Example: They believe that fornication or homosexuality is wrong and yet they participate in these types of sins freely and openly with out any feelings of guilt whatsoever.

This of course discredits these organizations because no one can respect them (one must practice what he preaches if he expects to gain the respect of potential followers).

I would guess based on what I have seen that people only join the protestants as an excuse to fight with the Catholics. And so on. As being a Catholic for most is just a statement and not a practice. These organizations it seems only remain to separate people into different groups and cause conflicts ( This has always been true but people used to actually live these religions where as now many in them now a days do not).

It appears that modern masons are no exception.

This is why I'm in the final group. The one who ignores the beliefs of all the others. The group who is moral only because we don't want to get thrown in jail. Because we don't need a higher power to know that murdering and raping and thieving are wrong.

Every one should either join my group or start living to represent the group in witch they "Claim" to believe in.

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