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Default Re: Is BlueAngel losing her mind? My fears she is a threat to herself/others

Originally Posted by Chaser Tiponi View Post
Wow BA! This thread proved your one helluva a debater ( I admire that as I lose debates even when I'm right lol...). But I don't really comprehend why would you would engage such a childish onslaught of stupid immature behavior? Guy's like "the moron" who started this thread are obviously just looking for the attention you gave him. So why engage?
Why would I engage in debate with this moron, you ask?

Because he authored a negative thread about me which required a response; which brought on a debate; which I won; which proved he is a moran; which was the cause of his demise of his own free will from this forum and not due to banishment from the moderator of this CC, who, by the way, wasn't me at the time and was non-existent and the reason this thread wasn't deleted when it first appeared and the reason the moran who started it wasn't banned.

No need for you to concern yourself with whom I engage in debate on this forum and/or to whom I pay attention whether you think it is warranted or not.

I am under no obligation to explain my actions to you or anyone else.

But, FYI, that's just how I operate.

BTW, I suggest you look in the mirror.

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