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Default Re: Destroying Social Security

They use fake statistics for everything as far as I'm concerned. That's the only way they can push their agenda!!

Putting our money in THEIR stock market makes about as much sense as me sending them my check every week!!

In order to keep us subservient to them, strip us of our power so that we are not a threat to their KINGDOM, is to turn America into a thrid world country, make us work for meager wages and live in poverty.

They feel they own social security. It's not something that is due us; although, we pay handsomely for it most of our lives. It is their money. All currency belongs to them.

Every note is a legal debt to them. When we spend a dollar that we believe belongs to us, it is a dollar more that we owe them.

We will be in debt to them for the rest of our lives.
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