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Hi Born_To_Die -

I do not subscribe to the view that the Illuminati brainwashed us on gold. Gold tends to have some inherent physical qualities which make it very good as a commodity money eg

It does not decay or rot
It is uniform ie 1oz in China is the same as 1 oz in the US
It is divisible ie 1/4 oz coins, 1/2 oz coins etc

They may well control the gold, but that level of control is nowhere near as advantageous to them as is the control of fiat/paper money. Gold has the great benefit that when you hold it, you are not holding a debt, unlike paper.

Silver is as easy to corner as gold. Any needed commodity no doubt has a history of cartels organising to manipulate it - current best example being oil.

Your question "What did the creator intend for makind to use as money?" is one I often ask. Maybe someone here could point to a section of the bible which advocates Gold? Though I'm pretty sure that the betrayal of Esau Immanuel was paid for with silver.

If nothing is useable then maybe the creator intended and intends us to get clear that we don't need to use money.

\"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.\" - Buckminster Fuller.
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