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Default Re: 2012 shows little to no catastrophe - expect major cataclysms in the dates herein

Originally Posted by Chaser Tiponi View Post
I can't figure out how he's going every direction the wind blows? Unless his opinion varies on other posts? I guess I see a distinction between posting someone elses opinion (something some one else said ) and making a from the heart statement (1st person statement).

My original statement was merely a rhetorical way of saying I can't understand the contradiction in the dudes opinion.

Something tells me there is one but I can't get "MY" brain around it!
What I said about KSigMason going in whichever way the wind blows still stands.

Read the thread again and you'll see the pertinence of my comment.

If you don't, oh, well, I guess we'll have to engage in a debate about it so I can MAKE YOU SEE THAT what I said is completely relevant, but, remember, you won't win, so I suggest you think twice about it before you go forward.

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