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Default Re: Something's Happened That Hasn't Happened Yet!!

It didn’t take long to reach land. Only a couple of hours at most. I got out and started exploring this unchartered world. I saw some strange looking alien creature with a big bulge at the top of his body with marks on it. I went over to ask where I was but he just looked nervously at me, picked up his sofa and ran off, one hand on his hat, occasionally glancing back at me to see where I was. I ran after him but then he ran into a tree, fell over, got up and ran into another tree that seemed to have a door in it. I assume he was aiming for that tree the first time but got the wrong one. I cautiously followed him in and went down to this underground habitat. That bloke was back on his sofa, smoking. So I went over to him again to ask where I was, but again he just picked up his sofa and ran off. This kept happening until I eventually found a car to chase him in. I realised he wouldn’t leave his sofa so I managed to take it while he was picking food from his toenails. I put the sofa on top of the car and drove to a more shaded area, as I was getting a bit warm. This creature then started chasing me, swearing at me, and at one point even fired a missile at me! I decided he was a bit dangerous so chose not to land. This meant I couldn’t give him his sofa back, but I did keep trying, only every time I got near he’d try to attack me.

Does anyone know this guy? Are all people round here like it?

Sorry for the delay in posting this message. This dangerous, sofa obsessed creature stole the IBM server I’m using to access the internet. They’ve only just managed to replace it.
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