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Default Re: Iraq/Usa consiarcy

Originally Posted by zombieman View Post
iwhat is the one way the government can take away citizen freedom? If anything has to do with national secruity than they can lower our freedom for our "safety".
i beleive 9/11 and most of the iraq war is all one conspiarcy. the government highers the taliban to take over the plans then they crash into the target. what does this do well 2 things it causes mass hysteria and a reason for the government to limit or freedom and give them more power.
then i cant remember his name right now gets hanged and a video *slips* into the public viewing what does this do makes the people think our government is good and stuff like that getting the people on our side. now what is coming soon? tax increase do to gov, being carless with the money and about to run out so what does our government do. look who we found and killed osama bin laden. brings the people to there side even more so when the bring in the taxes they wont complain as much.
Let's assume everything you said was true. Right up to the part where they are gonna raise taxes.

They can't tax money if money is not there to be taxing. This is why we are not "about" to run out of money. We ran out of money almost 10 billion dollars ago.

The power trippers understand this, as maybe you do not.

We have spent billions going after Bin Laden so they are not earning brownie points in my view for doing the job we financed. (in money and loss of life of our young soldiers).

The power you speak of is kind of akward. You see the Government is most powerful when people are employed and can afford a substantial tax base. When people are out of work and penniless they can't really support a healthy tax burden.

You make several good points. But it's important to understand that it's not just the government wasting money that has shocked the system (they have always had policies of reckless spending).

Yes the wars have cost a great deal. That is only one aspect of the issue. The deregulation of banking institutions is what really kicked our ass. Allowing banks to make loans that were not likely to get paid off and then insuring the loans and selling them to investors. Sometimes the investors were insured(for cents on the dollar), but usually not. But at some point when the loans go bad some one is gonna lose. When investors lose the stock market loses. When that happens commerce slows way down.

The guy's in congress know this. That's why we had the big stalemate over the budget here just a few weeks ago. It's walking a fine line of cutting spending and finding way's to tax money where money is available to be taxing.

Let's face it. Bin Laden, "gone or not gone" people are gonna complain until they have jobs again and the feds are gonna complain they can't waste as much money.

You have a lot of good theories but your take on economics being used as a tool to take our freedom doesn't make sense.

You will hear me argue a lot that Corporate America finances the campaigns of those wishing to get elected. I firmly believe this is another huge dilemma. The Corporations are getting so rich and putting nothing back in the market ( in terms of liquid funds). But politicians are unwilling to stop the tax breaks for these huge companies as doing so would pass their campaign funds on to the next candidate(it's also argued that over taxation will cause corporations to outsource). This has become a vicious cycle and the average family is paying dearly for it.

Until we find representation that will support the people and both regulate and properly shift the tax burden to these huge companies we are gonna continue down the road to the third world country we are quickly becoming.

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