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Default Re: Who Knew There Was A Facebook Conspiracy?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Yeah, who knew there was a facebook conspiracy until you posted it and who cares is my question.
While every fact Conspiracist reports is true it is all meaningless on so many levels.

FB is a see what your friends think about Miley Cyrus site and nothing more or less.

If the CIA wants to waste their time sifting through T's of data to find out what's going on on American Idol who cares?

No one posts their DL info or IRS info on FB and if they do they deserve to be exposed in public for the "dumbasses" they are.

You can't do anything on the internet with out it being traced back to you by those who wish to do so.

I get tired of hearing complaints about security on FB ( not singling you out conspiracist, people whine about it constantly).

If you don't want your info out there stay off the internet. It's the way the net works. If you don't want your children trolled by pedophiles don't allow them to post pictures of themselves in skimpy clothes.

Every one should know by now, if you post it on FB you better plan on anyone on earth having access to it. If you don't want people to see it don't post it there!

Besides, why would the CIA go to FB to get info they already have on you? IRS, DL, SS, Medical records, address, phone#, and on and on it goes. They already have all that info on all of us. It would be silly for them to search for any of that on FB.

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