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Default Re: Sirhan Now Says: "I Am Innocent"

Re Sirhan's memory block of the terrible assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in the Ambassador Hotel pantry. There has been far too much emphases on a "conspiracy" and very little mention of the serious problems with the Sirhan trial "evidence". I refer to my Special Exhibit 10 Research Report which proves numerous "evidence" bullets were in fact substituted.
And I have to wonder why the courts have not granted an Evidentiary Hearing. I truly suspect they don't want to open this can of worms.
I also want to mention there were numerous other researchers who searched through mountains of documents and official records in trying to learn the people responsible for RFK killing.
The one page in the Sirhan Trial Transcript (p.3967) was what first caught my attention that something was truly rotten with the Sirhan trial - and I was tha last person to even suspect a possible conspiracy existed.
What I have come to believe is that is easier to demonize Sirhan than to take the time to examine the actual proof of false evidence.
What an outrage that little people have to beg for the truth.
Rose Lynn Mangan
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