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Default Re: Can't believe I'm doing this!

Originally Posted by zombieman View Post
i am sorry to hear about your recent troubles. there is a bright side well for me it would be. you get to live in Alaska true summer dosent get above 60degrees but it is a beautiful place.
Maybe is a few of the corportate guys thinned out us smaller guys would get a chance to make somthing bigger you know.
Well Zombie! I really am gonna miss this forum. (Not as much as I'm gonna miss my home).

But while I'm away please work on your typing skills. I will have no internet until I return but when I get back I hope to have my conspiracy friends readily available to beat up the lies. You have some awesome thoughts and I hope you will see that you can be heard? But mis-spelled words and lack of abbreviation Make those who would respect you ignore you because of poor typing skills.

You can fix that with effort! And I hope you will! As I know in my gut you have much to add to our debates on how to quit taking it up the ass! I did it! I Just take my time and make sure what I type is perfect. ( sometimes I cheat as I have in this post lol).

Start with caps and work from there. You will find it get's easier with time. When you can't spell a word open another tab and type the letters you think. This is a fast way to find correct spelling. The more you do that the more you will know how to spell stuff with out thinking!

Thanks and good LUCK! Zombie. Stay in the loop!
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