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Default Re: ha ha ha ! bet most singles are boys and men .

Originally Posted by Chaser Tiponi View Post
Ice said: "however , ifyou deside that sitting on my face is a good start then maybe i can go with that ."

I wonder how drunk a woman has to be before she responds to that statement in a favorable manner?

I can just see it now.

Daughter: Mom , Dad, I met a man I want to have him over so you can meet him!
Dad:Where did you meet him honey?
Daughter: In the golden shower saloon Daddy. I've loved him so much ever since he let me sit on his face!

Yeah, ain't rocket science to figure out why so many guy's are trolling the internet looking for friends.

I never was able to treat woman that way. But I have sat in bars a couple times and seen guy's say stuff to ladies that kind of left me in shock. Always worked out good for me though.

I just wait until 45 seconds after some drunk spills half his beer in her lap and says something clever like, "want me to lick it off honey?" Then walk over and be nice to her.

If your a single guy at worst you have a gal to play darts with that eavining. And at best, well think I'll stop there
What? You log in to Club Conspiracy while you're sitting at a bar while some busty and beautiful brunettes sits right next to you. And, asks if she could buy you a drink? LOL

(I know it is BA. lol j/k)
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