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Default Re: Can't believe I'm doing this!

Originally Posted by Chaser Tiponi View Post
It goes against everything I believe in. I'm going to Alaska to work in a fish processing plant for $7.50 an hr. plus a chunk load of OT and a "bonus" (bonus remains to be seen).

I'm leaving my home in Hawaii until August to do this. My unemployment is tapped and I feel a few months of suffering will make it all worth while in the end.

I can come home with a small bank and have unemployment back again. But it's just that hit to the solarplex of earning $7.50 an hour! OUCH! I'm used to earning $30 and not being laid off.

I can't help but feel enslaved on this one. Because if I don't do this I will lose my house (and everything I've ever worked for) and end up a beach bum. What a drag .

As much as I hate it WTF else can I do? I hope no one else is getting this hard up...
Fishing in Anchorage? WTF? LOL
What happened to getting Obama's REAL Birth Certificate verified? LMAO (j/k)
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