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Default Re: ha ha ha ! bet most singles are boys and men .

Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
What? You log in to Club Conspiracy while you're sitting at a bar while some busty and beautiful brunettes sits right next to you. And, asks if she could buy you a drink? LOL

(I know it is BA. lol j/k)

I know you wish it were me, but it isn't.

Only in your dreams!


Sorry, but, I don't sit at bars asking if I can buy a GUY a drink.

I don't sit at bars, period.

I'm not busty nor am I a brunette and even if I were and sitting at a bar I still wouldn't ask if I could buy the guy a drink.

More like, the guy should buy me a drink!


Talk about the women's movement!

What a catastrophe!

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