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Default Re: What do you do to resist every day?

Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
I saw some documentary that mentioned that before the Holocaust occurred, Hitler had an agenda. That was that every Jew would be as stupid as the rest of the world. But he also wanted every race to fit that description (even though, he never got that far). But he felt that education was enriched and if Jewish kids grew up smart, they would rule the world. (Hmmm.....aren't the Rothschilds that smart?)

So, he sent his men to burn schools, libraries and other forms of educations. That way, he could control them. His philosophy was this:

"Education is the gateway to a successful life." He apparently didn't want any Jews or Poles to have a successful life. And, he wanted to "control" the masses. That way, if you control the stupid people, it is much more easier than trying to control the smart people.
Hitler was an ar*ehole!

Move on!
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