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Default Re: Weltanschauungskrieg

Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
Hahaha....yeah, that's it. I have an obsession with a mod that has nothing else to say...but "If you don't post on this forum which is pertinentl you will be banned."

Is that all you do BA, just ban people from this forum?

If it makes it all worth the while, why don't you just do so.
Like I said, I suggest you stop with your obsession with me and the fact that I'm the moderator of this forum and move along, or I will move you along.

Obviously, you haven't noticed that this MOD has said a whole lot more other than "if you don't post on this forum which is pertinnet you will be banned."

I suggest you click on my username and read my posts.

That ought to clear things up for you.

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