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Default Re: The Movie

DarkChilde3D.. I'm for the most experienced guy in the lead position. It sounds to me like you are the lead.. You have my vote.. and input.

I agree... I wonder if we should request a forum for the project from administration.. It would make it easier to manage if we could break the information down into separate headings..

MaryX.. Why not write a poem about your relationship with your computer and keyboard.. Then perhaps if you like my interpretation of melody and instrumentation.. We might be able to work the song into the storyline.

I think you are a very strong character, and should be be one of the characters in the movie.

I imagine the main storyline as being about people who get to know each other in an conspiracy news forum.. and finally get to meet the people that they have been typing to at the first annual ClubConspiracy meeting.. (I imagine that they are all arrested and tortured at that point)

So I suspect that each of the participants would write individual sketches of their home life, and how their internet habit effects those around them..

I/We are open any suggestions.
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