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Default Re: Gov controlling conspiracies through CIA and ATS

wow, speaking of vulnerabilities. Do you use Norton Internet Security Suite ??? Did you know that Symantec hosts their security definition files on Akamai ??? This is how your firewall or anti-virus definitions can be upgraded to not include the CIA's backdoors.
I'm sure everybody has different opinions on sites hosting files on other companies servers. Certainly, any security minded individuals would prefer sites to host their content without using third party data storage sites. So why does Symantec like using so much? I'd think would be a site that Symantec would like to keep under their own watchful eyes. Certainly, the bandwidth requirements must be amazingly high, however hosting security definitions on a third party site still seems strange. Let's say you wanted to setup a SEP Management server with direct access through a firewall to If your firewall does not use DNS for setting up access-list rules, then you are pretty much going to have to allow that server to access about any site with https, http, and ftp due to the use of by Symantec. I for one thing even though it's a server, I'd rather limit the access-list down. Part improving security is limiting access IN/OUT. Now, there are solutions but it just seems the underlying issue is the use of to host definition files.
Symantec's reliance on | Symantec Connect Community I guess this allows Akamai to change Norton's opinion of a security risk whenever they want. Gives the Akamai ghost more credibility does it not ???
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