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Default Re: Gov controlling conspiracies through CIA and ATS

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
Apparently that jerking knee is so intense, it's hitting your jaw and caused some cognitive problems.

There's no evidence beyond your lies.

What happened? At what point did you suddenly realize your very-active involvement with ATS was suddenly such a terrible thing? You're ranked #11 in the WATS score; created 283 threads and 10,407 posts; and have received 2,806 flags and 21,299 stars from members -- you have hundreds of posts over just the past 30 days. If you distrust the site so much, why so active?

Just a few weeks ago, you seemed to have a rather favorable view of ATS here: ATS's Boondock-Saint for US President - Would you vote for me ?. Calling yourself "ATS's Boondock-Saint" (using ATS as a possessive), as well as your other comments in the thread, certainly seems at odds with the lies you're posting here.
Skeptic, people do wake up and smell
the coffee occasionally.

Yes, I was very active on ATS. I was under
the false impression that ATS would be a great
venue for truth. I have changed my mind in
that regard knowing what I know now.

And I do respect you Skeptic, I just do not
agree with your prime directive, nor your
business affiliates.

Let me be clear here: I am NOT a terrorist.
I love my country, the US of A. But you know
as well as I do that this gov lies to it's people.
And when you as a site owner help facilitate
those lies then I have to part ways.

And for the record: to the best of my knowledge,
I have not lied about any evidence I have
produced here. When that link was first posted
on ATS, it tracked back to Akamai. I even made
that point known in the thread itself. Since that
time, the trackback has been removed and it
resolves to where it was supposed to go.
But first time I saw it, it was on Akamai's server
before it was on the .au domain.

And as for my candidacy for president.
I am gonna have to cancel. My work
is too much needed being an investigative
researcher. I can do more good there, than
I can as a White House puppet to TPTB.

best regards

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