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Default Re: Believing it or living it?

According to this website:

Signers of the Declaration of Independence 56 / 9 -- 16%

Signers of the U.S. Constitution 39 / 13 -- 33%

Generals in the Continental Army 74 / 33 -- 46%

The Morgan Affair was the catalyst that began the anti-Masonic movement in America.

I had an interesting time when I recently went to Italy for holiday. The Masons up to recent time were harassed by police and authorities for no other reason than being Mason. Many do know thet story of the rogue Lodge, P2, and their activities that attracted the governments eye. P2 of course is exactly opposite of the rest of Masonry. The Italians consider them a stain on their reputation.

There are no political lines in Masonry to walk. They don't interfere with one's individual beliefs (as everyone has their own) nor do we lobby to the government.

But when it comes to anything to do with God they completely deny the existence of a Greater power in any way.
Then either a) they are lying about being a Mason and their certificates are forgeries or b) they lied on their application as you most certainly do need to believe in a supreme being (as Freemasonry doesn't define what belief that is). If they lied on their petitions they are capable of being expelled without question and have lost the respect of all those who he sat in Lodge with.

I know several Catholics that are Freemasons, and in fact, I know several Catholic Priests who are Masons. One of my friends wants to be a Mason, but doesn't want to go against the church's policy of no membership in the Freemasons. I told him to go to the Knights of Columbus.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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