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Default The Skeleton In NASA's Spacesuit

By Jack White

I have great admiration for many achievements of NASA. I admire the courage, dedication and sacrifice of the astronauts who died in their pursuits of new frontiers proposed by President John Kennedy in 1960 when he pledged to put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. I am saddened by the deaths of the Columbia and Challenger scientists who trusted NASA with their lives. On my office television in 1986 I saw the live explosion of the Challenger. And I watched in horror that bright February morning as the space shuttle Columbia broke apart in a smoky trail over my Texas home in 2003. I am saddened by the deaths on a launchpad in Florida in 1967 of Apollo 1 astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, who may have known too much for their own security.

I marvel at the achievement of the Hubble Space Telescope, which brings us dream world images from the infinity of outer space. And the images from Mars also help us understand our universe.

But the thousands of honorable workers at NASA will be shocked and saddened to learn of the dark secrets of forty years ago...the Apollo Moon missions. Examination of NASA records reveals a terrible skeleton rotting away in their own files, a monumental deception. Very few NASA employees knew about the ruse, although it continues to be covered up to this very day by some secret keeper of the "national security" keys. Most likely this was a TOP SECRET political/military project.

This skeleton in the NASA closet is documented by the space agency itself. And the facts provided are indisputable. As Shakespeare might have said, the agency is "hoist with their own petard"...that is, blown up by their own devices.

What is this dirty secret?

Grave doubt exists that the Apollo missions to the Moon were anything more than the most incredible hoax of all time. Did astronauts actually go to the Moon? I do not know. But NASA's own evidence shows that all photos of the Apollo feats had to be forgeries. They were likely made in a secret Earthly studio somewhere as a top secret military project. And if all the "Moon photos" of all the "Moon missions" were fakes, the question is 'why?'.

Real missions should have produced real photos.

To understand the "why" of faking "landing a man on the Moon by the end of the decade" that had been promised by JFK in his first speech to Congress, one must go back to the Cold War with the USSR and the much-touted "space race". In the early 60s, the Soviets were ahead of the US in space exploration. Sputnik and other Red successes evoked a US political crisis. But the Soviets likely knew that sending a man to the Moon was an immensely difficult task and that JFK's rhetoric was a hollow promise.

However, after Lyndon B. Johnson succeeded the assassinated Kennedy he likely came up with a brilliant (and evil, in my opinion) idea. He must have thought, "...the experts say we can't go to the Moon like Kennedy promised, but I say we can! We can FAKE IT!" If LBJ could pull it off, to simplify a very complex Cold War situation, it would be a great propaganda coup and establish US superiority over communism. So I theorize that LBJ conspired with his successor Richard M. Nixon and OTHERS to carry out an elaborate plan to fool the world by "flying to the Moon". It was a brilliant plan, executed in strict military secrecy, and it has fooled the world for more than 40 years. But it has been undone by its own excesses, as now revealed from NASA records for the first time.

Anyone with even elemental math skills and common sense can look at the facts, do the calculations, and come to their own conclusions about the alleged MASSIVE VOLUME of lunar surface photography in such a LIMITED TIME.

Here is my conclusion: IT COULD NOT BE DONE.

It boils down not to just studying the photographs for signs of fakery, though I have examined every available Apollo photo for more than three years (and discovered many fakes). Very simply, it amounts to a study known to many businesses...A TIME AND MOTION STUDY. The elementary question is: was it possible to take the known number of photos (from NASA records) in the amount of time available (from NASA records)? But before you read my study, to understand it you need to know some basic information about the Apollo missions:

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