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Originally Posted by Fahrenheit 912 View Post
Just received your first download. Must be some sort of technical glitch. Hope these days are seeing you healthy and happy. Honey, it's terribly important we keep in touch over these next days/weeks, as very serious, ominous political developments are now taking place in the country. Enlightened people are now actually leaving the country for other places as political storm clouds are gathering in the US. We're increasingly starting to look like Germany before the fall of the Weimar Republic. And you know what transpired in the aftermath of that....

I can't and won't go into any detail at this time. My time is short and it is late. So I look forward to hearing from you in the near future when we can have a civil discussion on all that has happened since we last spoke. Again, let's make it a civil discussion, as little is gained by petty name calling. Also, I do not use the word "honey" in any deferential or demeaning sense, as down South the word is considered a very ingratiating term of endearment towards a member of the opposite sex.

Yours truly,
Fahrenheit 912

I never sent you a first or second download; therefore, I have no clue what you're talking about in reference to same, and, furthermore, we can all ascertain from your statement that you are a LIAR!!

So, the only reasons why you can't and won't go into detail about the BS you're talking about is because it's late and your time is short.

Might I suggest that you go into detail when it's not late and your time isn't short.

Well, here I am in the near future awaiting a civil discussion from you.

Don't call me honey, whether or not you think it appropriate from down south or from wherever you descend.

I'm not your honey, honey!

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