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Default The Most Shameful Act on a Day of Shame!

The image at left above was taken by NYPD helo pilot Detective Greg Semendinger on September 11, 2001, maybe there is at least one person visible at the corner out of the smoke, the 911 Tourist Guy remains unaccounted for and sometimes it looks like it could be him, whoever it was must have died cursing the NYPD for not attempting his or her rescue.

By Scot J. Paltrow and Queena Sook Kim, Staff Reporters @ The Wall Street Journal, October 23, 2001. Within minutes of the first air strike on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001, an NYPD Bell 412 helicopter with a 250 foot hoist and a three man crew trained for rooftop rescues, piloted by Detective Greg Semendinger arrived at the WTC.

In 1993 after a bomb exploded in the WTC basement garage sending thick smoke up through the stairwells, Semendinger had lowered two men to the roof of the same North Tower, who removed antennas to clear a landing area from which twenty eight workers were airlifted to safety.
Feedback: "How could a helicopter have gotten close enough, all the smoke?"

Reply: The downdraft from the rotors would have cleared the smoke sufficiently to carry out a rescue.

The Talmud: "If you see a Christian in difficulty or drowning do not go to his help, and if he is in danger of death do not save him," the lack of effort was Jews responding to the mores of Judah.

Semendinger should be prosecuted as a capital offender for making no effort to save them, his arrest should be at the Precinct House where the rest of New York's foulest in situ will be required to disarm, while any that don't will be regarded as enemy combatants!

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